Film Screening & Discussion: migrant workers’ stories (that the news won’t tell you)

October 7, 2021Event



Details of the film:
made by: Fifi@misocom of auto8a|in consultation with: Indra@Media PILAR|video clips provided by: Media PILAR|Languages:Indonesian, Cantonese, English, Mandarin|subtitles: Chinese, English and Indonesian

The pandemic year of 2020 had brought a serious blow to the Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong: excessive additional workload and working hours, being required to stay at the employers’ house during their rest days, having to pay for the infection preventive materials…… However, there have been few news media reports on their real situations. Instead, many of them wantonly portray migrant domestic workers spending their rest days gathering in public spaces or state and hint that they would spread the virus. What about their own voices, where are they?

During the pandemic, despite challenges imposed by gathering bans and social distancing, the community of Indonesian migrant workers’ organisations continued their mutual connections and support on the ground and on the internet. The media team of the United Indonesian Against Overcharging (PILAR) continuously recorded the activities of the migrant workers’ community, their thoughts and hardship, and cooperated with members of the migrants solidarity committee of autonomous 8a, to give birth to this video record. It is hoped that stories and voices of the migrant workers, difficulties and resilience of the grassroot migrant workers’ organisations that the news wouldn’t tell you, could be heard by you.

The after-screening discussion will be joined by people participating in production of the film:
Indra, Media PILAR Committee
Bimoe, Media PILAR Committee
Fifi, migrant solidarity committee of autonomous 8a

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