HRWG UPR Joint-Submission 2022

April 12, 2022UN Mechanism

As human rights defenders we are obligated to be involved in the international human rights mechanism. This responsibility urges us to participate in the submission of the Alternative Reports of the Universal Periodic Review on Indonesia. These reports were prepared by a number of human rights organizations that work closely with the Human Rights Working Group as our mandate to advocate for the International Human Rights Mechanism. 

There are several human rights related topics covered in the Reports: 

  1. General Report. HRWG comprises 47 member organizations working on a wide range of issues, including women, LGBT, children, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of expression, right to health (Covid-19), human rights defender, and past gross human rights violation.
  2. Report on the topic of Migrant Workers.
  3. Report on the topic of Refugees in Indonesia.
  4. Report on the topic of Freedom of Religion and Belief in Indonesia.
  5. Report on the topic of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Indonesia.
  6. Report on the topic of Business and Human Rights in Indonesia.
  7. Report on the topic of Freedom of Press in Indonesia.
  8. Report on the topic of The Rights of Human Rights Defenders in Indonesia.

The reports compilation can be accessed through the link here:

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